2013 December Solved Forensic Science Paper 2 UGC NET NTA/JRF Question Paper

2013 December Solved Forensic Science Paper 2 UGC NET NTA JRF Question Paper

21. In 0.22 Airgun pellet, the minimum velocity required to perforate human skin is:

  1. 490 ft/sec
  2. 428 ft/sec
  3. 346 ft/sec
  4. 245 ft/sec

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (4) 245 ft/sec

No explanation is required for this question.

22. Assertion (A): Test shell case and questioned shell case can be compared using comparison microscope to establish the identity of the weapon.
Reason (R): Because rifilling marks on shell case are identical.


  1. Both (A) and (R) are correct
  2. (A) is incorrect, but (R) is correct
  3. (A) is correct, but (R) is incorrect
  4. Both (A) and (R) are incorrect

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (3) (A) is correct, but (R) is incorrect

Correct Reason: Rifiling marks can’t be present on a shell case. Only fired bullets have rifling marks on their surface which can be used for the comparisons. However, on the shell cartridge, extractor marks, chamber marks, firing pin marks, and ejector marks can be used for the identification.

23. Rechochet marks are generally found on

  1. Fired cartridge
  2. Pellets entered human body
  3. Bullet striking on stone
  4. Bullet entered human body

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (3) Bullet striking on stone

Ricochet marks are produced on the bullet when it rebounds or bounces off from the intermediate surface.

24. Tandem Bullet is

  1. Slug bullet
  2. Jacketed bullet
  3. Spitzer bullet
  4. Bullet which is lodged inside the barrel and comes out along with another bullet fired from the same gun.

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (4) Bullet which is lodged inside the barrel and comes out along with another bullet fired from the same gun.

This question and answer is self-explanatory.

25. Match the following:

List – IList – II
(a) EDGN(i) Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate
(b) NG(ii) Ethylane Glycol dinitrate
(c) PETN(iii) Cyclotrimethylene trinitramine
(d) RDX(iv) Nitroglycerine

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (1) (ii), (iv), (i), (iii)

List-II is the chemical name of List-I explosives.

26. Picric Acid test of urine is performed to detect:

  1. Albumin
  2. Creatinine
  3. Uric acid
  4. Chlorine

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (2) Creatinine

For the determination of creatinine in the urine, Jaffe’s test is performed. In Jaffe’s test, the creatinine reacts with picric acid in an alkaline medium to produce an orange color.

27. Colustrum is a form of:

  1. Semen
  2. Milk
  3. Blood
  4. Saliva

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (2) Milk

Colustrum is the first milk that is produced by mammary gland of the female, right after giving birth to an infant.

28. Which of the following techniques can be used in analysis of fibres?

  1. Optical microscopy
  2. Pyrolysis gas chromatography
  3. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)
  4. All of the above

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (4) All of the above

No explanation is required for this question of 2013 December Forensic Science Paper 2.

29. A hair cut by a blade or scissors will have

  1. A sharp edge
  2. A blunt edge
  3. Follicular tissue attached
  4. A crushed edge

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (1) A sharp edge

Sharp triangular shape because of regular action of trimming, cutting and shaving of hairs.

30. Sperms are stored and matured in one of the following:

  1. Testis
  2. Seminal vesicles
  3. Epididymis
  4. Vas deferens

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (3) Epididymis

When the sperm leave the testes, they are immature and incapable of fertilizing ova but they become mature when they travel through the epididymis. Moreover, mature sperm are stored in the lower portion, or tail of the epididymis.

31. In window glass pane, the following components are not commonly present:

(a) Aluminium oxide  (b) Silicon oxide  (c) Antimony oxide  (d) Barium oxide


  1. (c) and (d) are correct
  2. (c) and (b) are correct
  3. (a) and (b) are correct
  4. (a) and (d) are correct

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (1) (c) and (d) are correct.

Antimony oxide and Barium oxide are not present in window panel glass. But they are present in other glasses.
Antimony oxide is used in glasses:
-> to remove bubbles in optical glass
-> to decolorize specialty glasses
-> as a stabilizing agent in the production of emerald green glass.

Barium oxide is used for the manufacturing of optical crown glass.

32. The range of lime (CaO) is within ______ in Portland cement.

  1. 30 – 35%
  2. 35 – 55%
  3. 60 – 67%
  4. 70 – 75%

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (3) 60 – 67%

Check our dedicated post on the adulteration of cement.

33. In density gradient determination method of soil examination, the following liquids are commonly used:

  1. Bromoform
  2. Bromobenzene
  3. Nitrobenzene
  4. Mixture of bromoform and Bromobenzene

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (4) Mixture of bromoform and Bromobenzene

Bromoform and bromobenzene are two liquids that have different density and are mixed in proportion.
-> Top layer is low-density liquid, bromobenzene (1.49 g/mL)
-> Bottom layer is high-density liquid, bromoform (2.87 g/mL)

34. Match the following pertaining to paint sample :

Paint PigmentColour of Paint
(a) Titanium Dioxide(i) Red
(b) Cobalt Salt(ii) Blue
(c) Graphite(iii) White
(d) Lead tetra-oxide(iv) Black

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (4) (iii), (ii), (iv), (i)

No explanation is required for this question of 2013 December UGC NET NTA/JRF Forensic Science Paper 2.

35. The following parameters of tool application can produce the sufficient influence on the nature of stration marks produced by screwdriver, except

  1. Vertical angle of tool
  2. Pressure on tool
  3. Relative velocity of tool
  4. Horizontal angle of tool

Answer and Explanation

Answer: (3) Relative velocity of tool

Relative velocity is defined as one or more objects in motion surpass the other. So, both the surface and screwdriver are in motion with one has a higher velocity, and the marks that are produced are not that relevant for comparison.

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