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Our Mission

To give you an easy way to learn forensics by filtering out noises in this digital world.

ForensicReader.com is a self-governing online forensic resource that focuses on delivering well-researched, quality content to you.

We’re not here to sell you anything! Not anything useless. Not pushing you to buy anything spammy.

Our primary goal is to provide you with insight, not just scrape information. And I (founder and editor-in-chief) make sure every article published here is insightful not just informational.

We publish articles related to ballistics, digital forensics, fingerprint, forensic anthropology, forensic biology & serology, forensic chemistry & toxicology, forensic medicine, instrumental techniques, physical evidence, questioned documents, and other divisions in forensic science.

Why ‘I’ We Started Forensicreader.com?

Spoiler alert: This might be long……

I (chief author and editor) started this blog after clearing the forensic science NTA UGC exam for Assistant Professor. Later this ‘I’ became ‘We’. That’s clip down to forensicreader.com registration in February 2019.

Since 2019, we have started and grown our content reach.

Getting here wasn’t easy.

Along the way, for nearly 2 years straight, we haven’t made a single dollar.

Because the primary goal wasn’t the money.

There are many times I want to get rid of this website. But there’s always something holding me back- in a good way.

I know it seems ghostly, but now I know I made a good decision.

When I was preparing for NTA UGC NET, I got to know what was lacking on the internet.

There were no clear guides on how to crack exams (check my preparation guide) and very few previous year papers. So, the very first aim of this website was to help other students in their exam preparations.

I solved all the papers with explanations that nearly took me nearly 2 months to solve 4000+mcqs.

And one day, I received an email from an aspirant about how my website helped her in preparation.

That was the spark I needed.

It was a hell of a great day that made me realize how my efforts silently helped forensic aspirants in their preparation.

That sensation was very pleasant and calming.

After that, till now, I received countless mail for pleasant greetings.

That’s the story of ForensicReader.com

What Changes…

If you’re a regular user, you know what has changed here.

In the early days, the website only served the previous year’s solved question papers and multiple-choice questions.

But later, in the big picture, ‘I’ majorly decided to make a separate website: MCQ. forensicreader.com (now forensicmcq.com).

After a month of rigorous transferring of 80+ posts to forensicmcq.com. We only left with a few articles on the main web. The number is so small that I can’t even remember it.

That was the new and exciting beginning for ForensicReader.com.

Now, you will only find subjective-type content on the main web.

Our team (me and a bunch of forensic authors) make sure all these subjective contents help you get insightful information for your forensic knowledge without any additional cost.

Filled with detailed explanations and facts related to forensic science. You will find unbiased, accurate information in a meaningful way.

You can even clear your doubts by questioning in the comment section (Sorry, if they are not available, use contact us an email: forensicreaderblog@gmail.com ).

I am also a human!!! One more disclosure: Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, the authors, editors, or themselves will not be held responsible for any inadvertent errors.

Key Elements of Our Website

We organize our posts to cover all the distinct parts. It is for the reader who is interested in making their goal in the field of forensics.

  1. Learn to stimulate creativity and clear, detailed content for more easy and more productive learning.
  2. Designed for the preparation of the Junior Research Fellowship (NTA UGC NET/JRF) exam, FACT, FACT +, GMAT USA, University PG Entrance Exam (DU, NFSU, etc.), or other Entrance Examination across the globe.
  3. Paperless study” to be a greener and cleaner study.

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You can meet our guest authors by following the link: Authors at ForensicReader.com

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Any queries? Well, leave all the troubles to our experts and simply post your question to us. Your question will be answered either by experts or users or both.

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