Henry Fingerprint Calculator For Primary Division Values

One of the trickiest things is coming up with the Primary Classification Values of the Henry Fingerprint System.

How to Use Henry Classification Calculator?

I made this simple for you. The tool is very simple. It works like magic. So, try this tool and give your feedback in the comments section.

Using this calculator, you can calculate the Henry classification number for the Primary division value.

  1. Select either “Whorl” or “not Whorl” option.
  2. Select values for all 10 digit patterns (All need to be filled).
  3. Primary Numerator Value: Sum of even finger number +1
  4. Primary Denominator Value: Sum of odd finger number + 1
  5. Finally, you have to write the numerator above the henry line and the denominator beneath it.

Short Intro to Primary Classification System

Primary classification is the first division of the Henry classification system. The values of primaries are registered based on the appearance of the whorls.

And based on their appearance the values of each whorl is different. Following are the values.

Rt Thumb (1)
Rt Index (2)
Rt Middle(3)
Rt Ring (4)
Rt Little (5)
Lt Thumb (6)
Lt Index (7)
Lt Middle (8)
Lt Ring (9)
Lt Little (10)

Article: Henry Fingerprint Classification System (6 division + extension)
-> Primary
-> Secondary
-> Sub Secondary
-> Major
-> Final
-> Key Division
-> Second SubSecondary
-> Special Loop Extension

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I hope you like the easy way to calculate Henry’s Classification value for the primary division.
Stay tuned and reply with your feedback in the comment section.

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