Mobile Forensic MCQ SECTION 1 Part 2: Legal Processes and Warrant

Legal Processes and Warrant in mobile forensic is the second topic in section 1, Basic and Fundamental Concepts from our systematic designed Mobile Forensic MCQ Series Section.

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In this section, MCQs are designed on the topic of Legal Processes and Warrant in Cell Forensic.

Mobile Forensic MCQ Series Section 1 Part 2
Evidence And Faraday Methods

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Mobile Forensic MCQ Questions list

Questions included in this section of Mobile Forensic

#1 Which of the act outlines the wireless providers to supply information to law enforcement in case of exigent?

  1. IT Act
  2. Law of Communication
  3. CALEA Act
  4. NABH Act of Communication

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) CALEA Act

CALEA: Commission Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.

It is an act by the US Congress to facilitate wiretapping of U.S. domestic telephone and Internet traffic.

Exigent:- requiring immediate attention.

  1. Within 12 hrs
  2. Up to 24 hrs
  3. Within 48 hrs
  4. Up to 72 hrs

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) Up to 24 hrs

The wireless provider has given time up to 24 hrs in a single incident of an exigent.

#3 What is an MNO?

  1. A wireless cellular company that manages all aspects that are necessary for communication.
  2. A mobile chip developing company that incorporates the unique serial number on the device.
  3. A specially designed Mobile Satellite provider company that manages all other wireless companies.
  4. None of the above

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (1) A wireless cellular company that manages all aspects that are necessary for communication.

MNO can be an independent wireless cellular company that maintains, services, and manages all aspects of the business that are necessary to provide wireless service to the customer.

#4 MNO stands for

  1. Mobile Network Operator
  2. Machine Network Operation
  3. Machine News Operator
  4. Mobile Network Operation

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (1) Mobile Network Operator

No explanation needed.

#5 Which is NOT true for MVNO?

  1. A wireless company that doesn’t maintain its infrastructure.
  2. It operators on the relationship with MNOs
  3. The key feature of MNVO is to provide GSM connections only.
  4. Both (2) and (3)

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) The key feature of MNVO is to provide GSM connections only. (Not true)

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a virtual wireless company that has its own infrastructure i.e. antennae, tower system, etc. They depend on the MNOs for their infrastructure resources.

#6 In which of the following cell number, more than one warrant may be required

  1. If It uses pure MNO services
  2. If it uses MVNO services
  3. If it uses satellite connections
  4. Both (1) & (3)

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) If it uses MVNO services

In the case where a number is serviced by MVNO then sometimes more than one warrant is required.