Mobile Forensic MCQ Sec 1.2: Evidence & Faraday Methods

Evidence contamination and the Farraday method is the third topic in section 1, Basic and Fundamental Concepts from our systematic designed Mobile Forensic MCQ Series Section.

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In this section, MCQs are designed on the topic of Evidence contamination and Farraday method of Cell Forensic.

Mobile Forensic MCQ Series Section 1 Part 3
Evidence And Faraday Methods

This section of mobile forensic included 18 MCQs with their answers along with their explanations. This is the 3rd part of the sub-categories of mobile digital forensic. You can browse all MCQs related to Digital Forensic from here.

Mobile Forensic MCQ Questions list

#1 Which type of communication is the easiest way to deliver a wipe command to a mobile device?

  1. Wired Connections
  2. OTA
  3. Using a Wireless charger
  4. Using Voice Command

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) OTA

OTA is the easiest way to deliver a wipe command to a mobile device.

#2 What is the full form of OTA?

  1. One time Authentication
  2. Over the Air
  3. One time Application
  4. None of the above

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) Over the Air

OTA stands for Over the Air. And it is easiest way of communication without the use of physical wired.

#3 Which of the following have an android application that can wipe data from remote access?

  1. Android Device Manager
  2. OTA wiped cleaner
  3. Wipe the android app
  4. Location Wipes services

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (1) Android Device Manager

Android device manager by google can remotely wipe the mobile phone data. Another feature of the android device manager is to ring or lock the mobile devices from remote access.
It can also locate the current location of the device when the device has enabled OTA services i.e. internet.

#4 The word “Faraday” is given by the name of which scientists

  1. Max Faraday
  2. Micheal Faraday
  3. J. Johannes Faraday
  4. James Chadwick

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) Micheal Faraday

Michael Faraday, an English Scientist. He made discoveries like electromagnetic induction, electrolysis, and diamagnetism.

#5 Which of the following is the most appropriate term to define faraday techniques in Mobile forensic?

  1. Stopping and freezing the operating system by interrupting the wireless signals to the device.
  2. Stopping and freezing the operating system, without interrupting any wireless signal.
  3. Stopping, interrupting or circumventing any wireless signal to the target device.
  4. Device battery access made to stop so no connection can be possible.

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) Stopping, interrupting or circumventing any wireless signal to the target device.

Faraday technique is the process of stopping, interrupting, or circumventing any wireless signal to the target device.

#6 Which is the appropriate term which describes the burner phone?

  1. They can be burned after the user switches the device to an appropriate destructive mode.
  2. They are un-traceable to the law enforcement authority and communication is encrypted.
  3. These are cheap phones with which are disposed of after use.
  4. These phones have a kill switch to activate a remote IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices)

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) These are cheap phones with which are disposed of after use.

Burner phones are cheap and also called pay-as-you-go-phone. These can be a simple featured phone which the criminals can buy easily and disposed-off after their use.

  1. Execution of the user-installed application
  2. Bluetooth communication to the outer device
  3. Any type of wireless communication to the mobile device
  4. Both (1) & (2)

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (1) Execution of the user-installed application

Even if the mobile is switched off, some applications are designed to execute themselves. Example: Some applications like alarm apps, turned on the device even after the device was manually turned off.

So, Faraday has no relation with the execution of an application as its sole function is to restrict the cell device from wireless communication.

#8 In a humid environment, a mobile device is found and has a fungus layer on it. Which of the following fungus layer has the most damaging effect on the mobile phone?

  1. Green fungus
  2. White fungus
  3. Black fungus
  4. All are harmless to electronic devices.

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) Black fungus

Black fungus: It causes the most damage to the device by eroding the internal parts of the device.

Green fungus: It can be cleaned from the device but may cause irreparable damages to forensic evidence.

White fungus: These can be easily wiped off, and the device has a higher possibility to function. Sometimes the only need is to replace the new battery of the evidenced device.