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mobile cell forensic science mcqs

Our 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on “Mobile Forensic” covering 30+ major and numerous sub-major topic in form of Sample/ model/ Practice Question for JRF-NET/ NTA -JRF by UGC, FACT, FACT +, University PG Entrance Exam, or other Entrance Examination across the globe.

You can also check our MCQ section in the various subfield of forensic science, and our Higher Order Thinking Question (HOTs) Section from various asked questions in entrance exams.

In our MCQs series of Mobile cell forensic, the topics are chosen from a collection of most authoritative and best reference books on Mobile device forensic.

Sections in Mobile Forensic MCQs Series

The Forensic Mobile MCQ section is divided into three parts:

Section 1: Basic and Fundamental Concepts of Mobile Forensic.
Section 2: Intermediate Concept of Mobile Forensic.
Sections 3: Advance Concepts in Mobile Forensic.

Section 1: Basic and Fundamental Concepts

  1. MCQs on Defining Cell Phone Forensics and Standards
  2. Legal Processes and Warrant MCQ
  3. MCQ related to Evidence Collection
  4. The Cellular Network MCQ: This section is divided into two parts:
  5. Subscriber Identity Module based Mcq
  6. Mobile Device Identification
  7. Logical Examination of Mobile Evidence has two parts:
    • Manual Examinations of Mobile Evidence MCQ
  8. Report Writing in Mobile Forensic (Online Test)

Section 2. Intermediate Concepts in Mobile Forensic

This MCQs section in mobile forensic provides the reader with in-depth knowledge and understanding related to the physical examination. This section also has questions on various encoding types which are located on mobile evidence.
This includes.

  1. Physical Acquisitions based MCQs
  2. Physical Memory and Encoding
  3. Date and Time Stamps
  4. Manual Decoding MMS
  5. Application Data
  6. Advanced Validation

Section 3. MCQs on Advanced Concepts in Cell Forensic

  1. MCQs Android User Enabled Security: Passwords and Gesture
  2. Nondestructive Hardware and Software Solutions
  3. Objective questions on Phone Disassembly and Water-Damaged Phones
  4. Multiple-choice Question on tools used in Mobile Cell Forensic:
    • Creating an Image
    • JTAG (Joint Test Action Group)
    • Z3X Box (Easy JTAG)
    • RIFF Box
    • Thermal and Non-thermal Chip Removal
    • BGA Cleaning
    • eMMC Reading and In-System Programming

Mobile Forensic Objective Questions with Answers for


All the MCQs/ Multiple Choice Questions/ Quiz in the field of mobile cell forensic with answer key along with the explanation is specially designed for the preparation of Competitive Examination in Forensic Science such as JRF NTA/NET, FACT, FACT Plus.

Note: These all chosen topics are arranged in a systematic way into topic and sub-topic to induce systematic learning in preparations of placement tests, online tests, examinations and certifications, and job interviews.

Highlights of Mobile Forensic Questions & Answers Series:

  • 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions & Answers in Mobile cell Forensic Science along with explanations.
  • Here you can prepare for National Eligibility Test in both Online and Offline mode (pdf -coming soon).
  • These Questions Answers can also be used for the preparation of the Junior Research Fellowship (UGC NET /NTA JRF) exam, FACT, FACT +, University PG Entrance Exam (DU, GFSU, etc. ), or other Entrance Examination across the globe.
  • Every MCQs set focuses on a specific topic in Mobile forensics and tries to cover every topic in mobile forensic which helps students in their FACT and FACT plus examination.

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