SIM Forensic MCQ: Mobile Forensic MCQs Ex-1.5

SIM Forensic MCQs

20. After a forensic examination, an examiner analyzed and founded an EF_LOCI file from the SIM file system. Now, which one of the following can not be extracted from the LOCI elementary file.

  1. LAI
  2. TMSI
  3. TMSI time
  4. ADN

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (4) ADN

From a LOCI elementary file only LAI, TMSI, TMSI time, and location update status can be extracted.
— LAI stands for Location Area Information.
— TMSI stands for Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity.

21. Which of the following is NOT true for TMSI?

  1. It is random Temporary ID number
  2. This number is assigned as per local network area
  3. This number only changes with the change in the geographical area
  4. All are above.

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (4) All of the above

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22. LAI broadcast signals in a specific area through

  1. TMSI service
  2. BCCH service
  3. VLR service
  4. LAC service

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) BCCH service

The broadcast control channel (BCCH). So, the job of a mobile device is to recognize these LAI broadcasts and saves it on the SIM card.

23. LOCI storage data is ________form

  1. Volatile
  2. Non-Volatile
  3. One time storage like CDs
  4. Both (1) and (2)

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) Non-Volatile

The data store is stored in a non-volatile form i.e. even if the mobile device is powered off the information remains intact.

24. Which Statement is Not correct?

  1. TMSI size is of 4 bytes
  2. LAI size is 5 bytes
  3. TMSI Time size is 2 bytes
  4. Location Update Status is of 1 byte

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) TMSI Time size is 2 bytes


Total size (length) of LOCI file: 11 bytes
TMSI size: 4 bytes
LAI size: 5 bytes
TMSI Time size: 1 byte
Location Update Status: 1 byte

25. ADNs stand for?

  1. Abbreviated Dialing Networks
  2. Automatic Dialing Networks
  3. Abbreviated Dialing Numbers
  4. Automatic Dialing Numbers

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) Abbreviated Dialing Numbers

ADNs is Abbreviated Dialing Numbers, also known as “phone-book” or “contacts”. In SIM, contacts are store in EF_ADN elementary file.

26. What is the full form of LND?

  1. List Number for Dialing
  2. Last Number Dialed
  3. Latest Number Dialed
  4. Last Numeric Data

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) Last Number Dialed

LND stands for the Last Number Dialed. This elementary file stores data of the last recent 10 calls.

27. Up to how many last recent call EF_LND stores?

  1. 10
  2. 12
  3. 24
  4. 48

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (1) 10

EF_LND stores last 10 recent calls.

28. What is the full form of MSISDN?

  1. Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number
  2. Most Saved International Subscriber Directory Number
  3. Most Saved Interconnected Subscriber Directory Number
  4. Mobile Station Interconnected Subscriber Directory Number

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (1) Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number

No explanation for this SIM Forensic MCQ Question.

29. Generally, which Form Factor (FF) SIM would not show MSISDN value in a 4G smartphone?

  1. 2FF only
  2. Both 2FF and 3FF
  3. Both 3FF and 4FF
  4. 4FF only

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (3) Both 3FF and 4FF

Many 4G LTE smartphones with form factor SIM of 3FF and 4FF, doesn’t show MSISDN value on the SIM.

30. How many SMS can be hold by elementary files of SIM?

  1. 20
  2. 30
  3. 40
  4. 60

Answer & Explanation

Answer: (2) 30

EF_SMS store 30 entries maximum, which each message of limited length.